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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Searching for a speedy shoe

It's time to retire my Mizuno Mushas, the shoe I've been wearing for track workouts and the occasional race for the last five years. My pair is getting old, and I can tell - I'm getting shin pain whenever I wear them. Since Mizuno doesn't make the Musha anymore, I decided to try the New Balance 1400. At first, the 1500 appealed to me, since it is also touted as a stability shoe, like the Musha was (apparently, neither one really offers any stability). But the descriptions of the 1500 were of a heavier, softer shoe, and in fact, sounded more like an everyday trainer. I opted for the 1400.

Aren't they pretty? So was the price - $59 at My immediate impression is that they are more cushioned than I expected, softer than the Musha. But I haven't run in them yet. Pre-run, my expectation is that they'll be a good shoe for races or fast stuff on the roads. They might be too squishy for the track - or, they might feel totally different while I'm running compared to just standing here admiring their color. I'm itching for a fast tempo in these babies!

What are you wearing on the track these days?


  1. I wear the adidas adios 2 boost on the track. I also wear the adios for my long runs (since they always have marathon pace segments). It's a great shoe. I also race in it, anything from 10K through the marathon.

    Have you tried the Mizuna Hitogami? I don't know the Musha, but the Hitogami is a firm, light shoe.

    I've never been able to wear NB - I have the exact wrong foot shape - they squeeze my toes while gapping on each side of my heel. Basically, my foot is a triangle, and NB shoes are rectangles.

  2. I like them, but I think they are very different from the Musha - much softer & more flexible in my opinion. For me they're great for tempo runs and even the occasional easy run, but for me they're not quite enough shoe for over 90 minutes.

    I like my Saucony A4s for the track & short road races - about 6 oz or so, & much firmer/stiffer. (Though I don't put tons of miles on them so I think the current version is maybe A6.)

  3. Definitely report back! I've been looking at those too, but I decided on the Nike Zoom Elite.