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Monday, August 29, 2016

I owe you one

August 29th. And a Monday, at that. This anniversary forever brings back the frantic scramble of those first few days after Katrina: the hectic eye on the news, the hunt for loved ones, the frustration of out-of-service cell phones, the soggy rescues, the shock of death over and over until you were numbed and it no longer bothered you.
But weeks and months later, when the immediate need for food, water, and medical care had been met, the grim reality set in.
Houses gone. Neighborhoods gone. Workplaces gone. Will we come back? And come back to what?
The city was dotted with FEMA trailers and clogged with debris, and many residents still remained exiled, barred from return by areas too damaged to salvage, or finances too scant to make the move.
Now, Baton Rouge and surrounding parishes face these same hardships. The city that reached out to many New Orleanians, that opened its homes to those who lost theirs, needs our help now. Many areas were never expected to flood, and few residents had flood insurance. Entire towns flooded.
We in New Orleans know how to help - the only good thing about this whole mess is that we certainly have practice! But families need your help, too. Please consider giving to one of the charities listed here.


  1. Great post, Grace. I can't imagine going through what you've been through, and I hate that other areas of Louisiana are now experiencing the same heartache and devastation.

  2. I was opening the Charlotte Ruth's Chris when the storm came through. I remember coworkers who moved up from New Orleans. I have been trying to raise awareness because there has been so little coverage. I went through Samaritan's Purse because I knew they had people on the ground. Thank you for this list as well!

  3. Amazing how much damage and how little media coverage.