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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Weekend: long run, white linen, stalker

Friday night I texted David to pick up a bottle of wine on the way home from work. As if we don't already have twenty bottles in the cabinet...but this time I asked for something we rarely drink. He picked up a Côtes du Rhône and we had a little wine and Top Gear to start the weekend!
Yummy toast and avocado breakfast. With cheese. 
My Saturdays are all kind of the same: I clean the whole house, make our weekly menu, go grocery shopping, clean the whole house, and do whatever cooking is required for the upcoming week. This includes my lunch salads and perhaps granola bars for us to bring to work; about once a month I bake bread and freeze a few loaves. This Saturday I made zucchini bread for two events this week.
Saturdays are also long run days, and even though I've basically been off running, I ran a little over ten because it was such lovely weather. I followed the long run (which was a really great run, best in a while, since it was nice out) with a recovery yoga class. And after that I had my paper and coffee, like any good old person.
Sweat fest with friends. 
Saturday night was white linen night! I wore a white strapless dress with rope wedge sandals and looked exactly like everyone else. But it was a fun night. We ran into so many people we knew as we browsed galleries and drank beer. The talk of the evening was about University Medical Center. Saturday was the big move between the interim LSU hospital (which replaced shuttered Charity Hospital after Katrina) and the brand new University Medical Center. There is a lot of trepidation about the new hospital. Will it maintain Charity's trauma prowess? Will it adequately serve the needs of the poor? Will it remain funded, stay open, fill its beds? A lot of my friends are in the medical community, so that was the topic of the day!

On Sundays I've been doing my recovery runs (post long-run) on soft surfaces, so either the 2 mile dirt loop around Audubon Park or along streetcar tracks. I just did one loop around the park for a total of 3.5 miles, followed by specific strength training focusing on my left leg (it still feels markedly weaker than the right). Exercises included plyometrics, like jump squats and single leg jump squats, and weights work like deadlifts and overhead press from squat. After church, I did my foam-rolling: something else I've been scheduling on Sundays. After the morning's weights, the rolling hurt!

The last thing that happened this weekend was that I discovered this.
Creepy hand print on the door frame.

No one woke me up this week, but looks like our backyard stalker was back on our porch.


  1. Wow, that is creeeeeepy about the backyard stalker. Yikes. Nice work on the 10 miler + a recovery run! That's great that the weather was nice for your long run!

  2. I genuinely hope you have a gun. I pray you never have to use it, but dang. People are NUTS!

  3. I can't focus on anything else but the handprint, you guys really need to get that resolved - that's not okay. A third time is not coincidental or a drunken mistake. You can get cameras installed fairly in expensively that might help with identification. But mainly ou need to be careful when you're there by yourself. Part of me thinks that this dude is harmless, or he would have done something by now. But who knows, there's just so many weirdos out there, please be careful and take care.

  4. That's a bit unsettling to find a hand print on your door jamb. I hope you've got sturdy locks.

  5. That handprint is so scary! Can you set up a watch camera or something? Rig up a phone?

  6. Loved everything about this post, until the END! What in the world!?!?! This has got to stop. Do you guys have another plan of action?

    And about the beginning- your weekend sounds so fantastic. I need that right now.

  7. Okay, that's kind of scary now. Please get a camera or something and stay safe.