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Monday, July 20, 2015

Weekend: HOT!

We kicked this weekend off with wine and cheese at our house for David's law school study group. They still get together occasionally, and Friday night was an enjoyable evening of socializing over excellent wine. The funny thing is that it was a homecoming for one couple: they actually lived in our apartment before we did, and recommended David to the landlords when they moved out!
Before everyone arrived, my friend Patrick walked over from his architect firm down the street and helped me set up and "open" the wine, so really I had two wine and cheese parties.

Saturday was one of the first days in a long time that wasn't booked solid. I had a lot to do around the house, but in the afternoon we headed out to pick a friend's figs. We have a nice swap going: I pick their fruit; we split the preserves. Unfortunately, the figs were nowhere near ripe, but since we were already out, David and I decided to check out the newly-expanded Crescent Park. It's in the Marigny right on the river.
A tug pushing a barge in front of the Crescent City Connection bridge
And it was hot. So hot. The park is pretty long, and it's full sun. We walked down the concrete wharf (not a breath of breeze came off the water) and over a few sections of recycled rubber walkway. The heat radiated around us, and I (unprepared) started to burn. It wasn't until we left the park and met a friend for a wine tasting that I realized that the soles had melted off my shoes. It didn't surprise me: the temperature was 100F, and I'm sure the surface was much hotter. Luckily, those clouds you see in the picture finally reached us, but we only got a sprinkle of rain later in the evening. It was still enough to bring Sunday's temperature down, though, which I appreciated!


  1. Cracking up at your melted shoes. The summer sun is powerful! Kind of reminds me of the time that I baked cookies in my car in Arizona. It took about 5 hours, and they didn't have the nice brown that you get from the oven, but yes, it was indeed hot enough to bake them on the dashboard. My kids thought it was hilarious.

  2. That's serious heat if your shoes are melting. You probably would have been able to cook an egg on the footpath - not sure why you'd want to but I'm pretty sure it could happen.

  3. Eek! You Southern people with your *actual* summer! It's been warm here but I am definitely not melting the soles of my shoes.

  4. Phew! And I thought 93F up here was bad enough. You do have air-conditioning, right?

  5. Looove Summer!!!! Actually, the hot pavement is something we take seriously every night when we walk Jack. If it's near 100F air temperature, the surface temp of concrete can be near 125F or more. Really too warm for little paws ... and plastic shoes apparently.