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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dirty Linen and a tourist trap

Last week? White linen. This week? You get to rewear it at Dirty Linen, which is another art show held in the Vieux Carre (Next week is Filthy Linen, held on St. Claude).
But I didn't re-wear my white, since it practically disintegrated in the wash thanks to my coffee attack and subsequent bleaching.

I wore a  blue strapless dress with clogs to dress it down (I do not know why I am all posed in this picture; I suppose this is the kind of embarrassing photo I should quietly delete, but it's my only full-length pic from the night. I was actually trying to get my clogs in the picture!).

And large amber earrings, also to dress it down. Nothing says, "Not fancy!" like big, cheap jewelry. That's actually I have worn these earrings to dress down more than one outfit. I would have worn my hair down but it was too hot.

After the art opening (which was uneventful; I only saw one new show I liked, although it was excellent textile work by an artist who claims her name is Kim Pterodactyl), we went to Tujague's for dinner. It's a tourist trap, so we've never been there, but we gave it a chance since
1. It was in the area
2. It had a $35 pre fixe "Coolinary" menu
3. It's the second oldest restaurant in the city, and it almost went bankrupt this year and turned into a T-shirt shop, so we felt a responsibility to support it.

So. It was a tourist trap, as assumed. We had reservations and were on time, but the maƮtre d' made us wait ten minutes while he consulted a Post-It note full of names he had "concealed" in his palm. When we were seated, the service was rushed, and we were squished between two obnoxious bachelorette parties - plus, the dining room was frigid. It was probably 64 degrees, if that! Maybe lower.
Our food was tolerable. My entree was good, but the scallops were over-salted. And Davids swordfish was flat-out overcooked, no way around that. It was okay, but in New Orleans okay gets you nowhere! And David would definitely have sent the fish back, except for the temperature in the dining room. We were so cold we just wanted to get out! Lesson learned: Stay away from tourist traps. Stick to the locals' favorites!


  1. Lovely dress. The blue looks stunning on you.

  2. Occasionally we'll go to a "touristy" restaurant on the Plaza, and it's so irritating when we show up on-time for our reservation and wait for 30 minutes. I have no idea what the fashion stuff you were talking about meant, but you look very nice ... and also about 6' 8" in that photo?

    1. Yeah - why have a reservation?! So annoying. And I'm just average height :)

  3. That's a great dress! (Also, #fitladyproblems #straptanlines) But $35 for not-great seafood...ehh.

    I couldn't go to a White Linen do without having to thrift something expressly for the purpose of doing so. I don't own any white clothes - I'm too clumsy.

  4. Lookin good!! Love the dress! Sound like a fun night out to me. : )