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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Pre-op for hip labral repair

Today I spent all day in pre-op. Work has been very busy lately, and we're short pharmacists (new grads mostly have not taken their licensing tests yet, so they can't help out). So I could only get one day off before surgery, and I had to fit all my pre-op into one day.
First off, early in the morning, was my goodbye to running. Just one short loop in the park, knowing it was probably the last one for six months!
Lacing up for the last time in a long time! 

Then on to my doctor's appointment. Much to my chagrin, today's imaging showed a small bone spur on the femoral head. I was hoping not to have any osteochondroplasty done, since it seems to have poor results and long recovery, but looks like I can't avoid it. Because of that, I'll have to take two types of NSAIDS to prevent heterotopic ossification (after bone is removed, the body wants to replace it and heal, and rapidly lays cells down. NSAIDS reduce bone growth). I took those prescriptions, and my prescription for narcotic pain meds, to the pharmacy, where I bossed everyone around and pretended to be an expert.
Kidding. I try not to be the drug or insurance "expert" (aka jackass) on the rare occasion when I'm the patient.

I continued on to my pre-op at the hospital. I'm having the surgery at a different campus from the hospital I work at, but the same entity. Wouldn't you know - I ran into a good doctor friend I know, who directs neuro rehab at both campuses. I can never get away from work!
Pre-op didn't answer as many questions as I'd hoped. They didn't have the surgery schedule yet, didn't know what type of anesthesia I'll be under (it will be general, but I prefer IV to gas), and didn't have my crutch order yet. Hm. My blood pressure, pulse, temp, and labs all checked out, so I'm good to go for tomorrow.
Depressing, in-depth post-op info, which goes out to 16 weeks and does not promise sunshine and rainbows

Before heading to pick up my rxs, I swung by Target. I'm rarely in this part of town, so I took advantage of my proximity to do some retail therapy. Honestly, I needed it. The pre-op was quite discouraging. No one is promising any pain relief or a high chance of success. It's a little disconcerting, especially since I was already hesitant to have surgery at all. I'm not looking forward to the long (and apparently very painful) rehab, and no one is sugar-coating that for me.
Plus a jillion pairs of super cheap underwear, which you don't need to see. 

I picked up my prescriptions and met the guy supplying the immobility brace.
Yeah, this looks fun. 
By then it was three, and I called Outpatient Surgery, which told me to check in at 7:30am for a 9:30 surgery time. Ha, ha. I think we all know how backed-up surgeries get (often hours).
Then, minutes later, my CPM machine arrived. It's a beauty. I'm supposed to get 6 hours on this thing. Are you kidding me?! Where am I going to find 6 hours? I suppose I can sleep in it.

Yay, warm fuzzy fake fur in the dead of summer. 

All that I'm missing now is crutches, which will have to show up tomorrow. I hope.
Maybe if you guys are lucky I'll log on tomorrow for a totally loopy post-anesthesia post!


  1. get some cool gear! All I got was a spirometer and a walker. I'm glad the pre-op all checked out and you're good to go :) May it all go perfectly and you have a quick and thorough recovery.

  2. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. I hope you won't be in too much pain for long.

  3. I have that same reversible sports bra!

    Best of luck tomorrow! I hope surgery goes smoothly and recovery is worlds better than you even hope.

  4. We absolutely need a half-coherent post-op post!!! Doesn't sound like you got a warm-n-fuzzy feeling in your pre-op meeting, but I'm sure everything will go well. Best wishes, and here's to a speedy recovery.

  5. I can imagine all that WAS depressing. Please know how great your attitude and outlook has been through this whole ordeal. While 6 months sounds like a visit to Suck Town, in the long run (haha, catch that pun there?) you will be healthier and stronger. It's ok to be down, though, just don't let it get you for too long. Eat some ice cream, have a good cry, yell at your pets (not too much), whatever helps. Thinking of you and wishing you the best recovery. I know I'll see you in NOLA this year b/c you'll be BACK running strong by then. :)

  6. HUGS Gracie!! I am so sorry you have to go through this but hopeful for you that you will make a full recovery and be able to live and do the things you love to do without pain! Hang in there. Lots of us are thinking of you and wishing you the very best.

  7. Ho, Grace, best of luck!!! I will be thinking of you and I hope for a speedy recovery. Allez, courage! xoxos

  8. Best wishes Gracie. So sorry you have to go through all of this. Hoping for the absolute best for you and many pain free days . . . in 6 mos. :-\ You'll get through it. You're tough! Maybe that high pain tolerance will finally come in handy!! kristen

  9. Thinking of you!! Keep us updated.