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Monday, August 19, 2013

I am being chased by men in flag shorts

One of my dear running group buddies is nicknamed "Gary Everywhere" because he's...everywhere. It doesn't matter where you are, you'll run into Gary. He lives right on the course of Rock 'n Roll New Orleans, and two years in a row he's snapped great pictures of me running the race.
In 2012, my PR marathon, next to this dude in American flag shorts:

And then in 2013, as I dropped (injured) to the half, next to this dude in Maryland shorts!

What the heck? Two years in a row, same race, nearly the same spot on the I being followed by men in flag shorts?!


  1. Too funny...and I'm pretty sure those are Maryland shorts that guy is wearing! He must be a good guy. ; )

  2. Or are you subconsciously attracted to and seek out men in flag shorts to run near? Hmmm...

  3. I see those shorts in races from time-to-time, and never really understood the concept - but they make me laugh sometimes. By the way, today I again saw the photo from my 5K Masters Win a few weeks ago where someone (the author of "how I comp...")commented about the overall winner being "really excited" about his win ... at the time I had no idea what "this person" was talking about - I thought "this person" meant he wasn't smiling, but then I panned down - I think I get it now. Apparently he really rose to the occasion for that race.

  4. That's it, I am going to buy Texas flag shorts and stalk your races...

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