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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wear a race shirt to work today.

There's not much to say this morning, so I will just share Varsity Sports' Facebook status: 

Varsity Sports
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24 minutes ago near Madisonville, LA · 
  • Wear a race tshirt today in support of the Boston Marathon and Marathon Sports - a fellow specialty running store at the explosion site.

    I'll be wearing my Boston shirt from last year to work.
    Once I cut the tags off.
    Thank you everyone who let us know you were ok! And bloggers who ran and haven't had a minute to post - we know you are probably answering a thousand texts and calls. I understand. But please let us know you and your families are safe.


  1. really appreciate the comment about my knee. In the research that I did about a thinning meniscus, taking glucosamine did come up, how much do you think I should take, and what brand should I buy? I actually saw the pills by chance at CVS yesterday when I went there for a different reason. I likely will confirm whether I should take some with my doctor, because I'm done taking chances on my own in regards to my running health.

    And you are right to be concerned about my doctors advice about taking aleve and still continuing to exercise. I was surprised that he said this too. I actually don't think I did much that week anyways in regards to exercise, so maybe I didn't make myself worse. Basically, until I get a MRI or some other diagnosis, I'm not going to run at all, and maybe I'll just spin/bike or swim or yoga or something for now.