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Friday, July 23, 2010

In which I am put on the spot and have an awesome day

Sorry I've been a little quiet over here. I blame my crazy Wednesday. Quick recap:
Tuesday my highly-excitable (in a good way - passionate, I guess) boss called and asked me to pop in at a market meeting for the company. I dutifully showed up on Wednesday morning, finding myself in a room full of all the district managers from Texas to Florida. Big people. I am little people. Scary.
The moment I walked in, purse still in hand, the clinical director called me to the front and basically asked me to introduce myself and what my clinical plan is. I'm being cryptic here because I have some company secrets and stuff but basically I'm heading up HIV care in the area. Well, luckily I was prepared with off-the-cuff remarks thanks to some news headlines from that morning which gave me an interesting anecdote to base my few sentences on.
The rest of the meeting was a surprise to me, but I found out I've been selected to head up a new project that spans our entire market! I'm incredibly excited. It's an area I'm interested in, it calls on specific skills and abilities, and it's a great opportunity both for myself and my company.
And it's a lot of work. But I'll take it! I love having a lot on my plate!
The best part of the meeting was that while the clinical directer was introducing lots of resources and facts and plans, most of those present treated it like new information. For example, most didn't know that pharmacies have access to copay assistance card websites for low income patients. However, my district manager DID know, because I had already spread this info around the district. We're already a step ahead of the game. Hopefully this made it look like I know my stuff :)
The rest of Wednesday was a little crazy. I left the meeting all elated, but had to go straight to another meeting before heading to work. I ended up getting stuck in traffic, and did my second meeting via phone (honestly it wasn't anything I needed to be there for anyway). I got to work a little late and discovered when I got there that my closing pharmacist - the 2 pm to 10 pm shift - had called in sick, and there was no one to cover for her. I called our scheduler and we worked out an awesome deal: I worked the rest of my partner's shift, and got all day Friday off instead. Tada, three day weekend!
That did mean that I closed the store Wednesday and opened up at 7 am on Thursday though, so I've been pretty exhausted. I'm enjoying my day off by working on my new project. Once I finish today's assignments, I'll be back with an easy DIY you can use to make crappy cardboard dorm furniture look like priceless antiques.
Image from someone else's blog.


  1. OH WOW!!! This is all so awesome!! Congratulations!! So excited for you!

  2. Sounds like exciting news for you! I'm always one that thrives when I have a full plate too.

  3. Thanks. The excitement has worn off and now I'm just confused as to what this assignment entails.