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Sunday, December 6, 2009

What have you crossed off your shopping list?

For no real reason, I'm going to do a quick run down of the gifts I've bought. Maybe you will be inspired if you haven't finished all your shopping yet!

For David's family: A few years a go we instituted "cheap Christmas" (a phrase introduced by my SIL Miriam when she was broke and gave everyone homemade artwork)and give each other $5 gifts. We ended up spending about $15 though.
Pete (my FIL): He loves to cook and watches a lot of food network, so we bought him the "Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives" cookbook.
Gayle (my MIL): I found a very pretty jar of bubble bath with seashells inside - it's a beachy look and scent and I think it's perfect for the master bath jacuzzi at their beach house.
Liz (my SIL): two pretty stationary sets that reflect her love of things Victorian.
Mir: She had admired a necklace I was wearing a few months ago that I made. I bought her the supplies to make one, and we will make it together.
Chris (my BIL): He just bought his first Mac, so David picked out a book called "The Missing Manual" that guides the switch from pc to mac.
Chris's wife: Monogrammed washcloths that match her decor and several bars of homemade soap. It's soap from Pier One that was on sale - normally $3.99 a bar; clearance for $0.48! That's how I stayed in the cost limit!
Baby Jacob, their son: a Curious George story book (big one) and a Saints Tshirt. Got to start the fans early.

Now for my family. Remember that I have a zillion brothers. So please excuse me for my boring choices:
Brothers Matthew, Izzy, Sam, Abe, and Joey all got Saints polo shirts.
Nate, who is a English lit/philosophy double major and aspiring chef, got a cookbook called "The Philosopher's Kitchen" and some money (I threw some money in for Joey as well since he's a poor college student as well. I well remember the days!)
Melissa, my dear darling older sis, and her husband Matt, are going through a hard time this year- they recently heard some bad news that I may or may not get permission to discuss here. But they're feeling a tad out of the Christmas spirit and requested no gifts this year. I blatantly disregarded this request and got them the Planet Earth dvd set, an espresso machine with fancy espresso, and a coffee drink cookbook. Hopefully little useless things that will cheer them up!
Johnny, my older brother, and his wife Brenda are getting coupons to 5 restaurants in their area> I bought them on so it was less expensive than you;d think!
My parents are health food eaters ,so I made them a gift basket of herbal teas: two boxes of assorted herb and green teas, a little honey bear, tea cookies, a tea bag saucer, a few Lipton instant green tea packets, and a lemon!

How's your shopping going? Share your list with me!

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