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Friday, August 21, 2009

Rather late Foody Friday: Try the new Vitamin Water

Did anyone else quit drinking Vitamin Water when a rival company ran this add pointing out that one bottle had the same number of calories as a super-sized Big Mac meal (or something close)? I did, and I used to drink them as a pick-me-up when my work day was dragging. Now you can buy a version that tastes similar but has just 25 calories per bottle. I do not usually recommend anything with artificial sweeteners in it, since they make most people crave sugar (stop trying to trick your body! It's smarter than you think!) and since the safety of many of these sweeteners is still questionable. However, Vitamin Water 10 is sweetened mainly with stevia, a natural product. Stevia doesn't give that artificial aftertaste, but it does sort of have a medicinal quality to it. That's ok though, because it suits Vitamin Water. Your body might still think it deserves more calories after getting all that sweet taste and you could feel hungry...but I guess it's ok for a snack. I give you permission. Go drink one.

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