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Friday, March 27, 2009

Race this weekend!

In an effort to be less fat, I am running a race on Saturday. It's just a 5k so I probably won't die.
But here's how I complicated it. I told you, I do that.
I applied recently for a residency at a large local health care company. They have like 5 hospitals and a bunch of clinics- big stuff in this area. Well, I didn't get the residency. I'm a little surprised and a little upset (not too much). Unfortunately that company is hosting this race and I'll probably see a lot of higher-ups who just turned my application down. A little uncomfortable, eh?
Maybe I'll just run so fast that nobody can see me in the blur of speed!

I'm curious. What's a decent 5 k speed for a mid-twenties girl? I don't want a gold medal or anything but I do really hate to be last.

This is me running a race last July. I'm the one under the rainbow...isn't that cool?

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