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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Franklin, TN: day five, home again!

Day five

On our final day, we ran on the jogging path by the hotel instead of going to a park. It was a wide, smooth, riparian path, and there were migrating Canadian geese all around. The weather was cool (mid-60s) and I could have run all day, but we had to get going so I called it at five. The baby got his nap in while we packed up, then when he awoke we headed to The Factory. It’s an old stove factory that now houses shops and eateries (basically a hipster mall, except it also has event venues and office and studio space).

The Factory

This was a really cool place, very smart and attractive use of the space. For example, one large hall was all adjustable size booths you could rent for short term shops or show rooms. We bought an ornament for our travel collection, and then wandered into a nearby store...

WHERE OUR LIVES CHANGED FOREVER. I saw this soft, floppy stuffed goat and mindlessly brought Audubon Baby over to feel it. He loves soft, plush things, so I knew he'd like to touch this. Ha. He immediately fell in love and I, sucker that I am, immediately bought it for him. He was so cute with this toy - shining eyes, huge smile, expectantly clapping his hands while the clerk rang us up. And since then they have been inseparable. We named the goat "Franklin" after the town he was bought in, and Audubon Baby thinks he's a dog and calls for him: "Dah! Dah!" if he can't find him. He drags him everywhere, and this little toy is saving us from an early walker...Audubon Baby is absolutely ready to walk, but it's hard to hold onto things and pull yourself up while holding a slippery, plush toy in one hand, so Franklin is sort of delaying his development. Ha ha!

After adopting Franklin into the family, we had a donut from Five Daughters Bakery, and honestly that just about changed my life forever, too. I mean... donuts should not be that good. I don't even like donuts and this was one of the best things I ever ate. 

He thinks he can walk (he's 8 months old and nope, he can't).

We next headed to Centennial Park in Nashville, a lovely park with a to-scale model of the parthenon! We spent a while outside on the pretty grounds, then explored the Parthenon building and museum. 

Giant statue of the goddess Athena

Before we left for the airport, I sat by the water to feed the baby, and David and I had some chips. We had eaten some dinner leftovers before leaving the hotel and didn't really want lunch, so we just made do. We ended up being in the airport longer than we planned on - I just can't get used to how quiet everything is with COVID. Rental car drop off took five minutes; ticketing took 15 (in person ticketing with a baby SUCKS, it's a requirement for a free lap child, though!), and we were through security in ten.

I killed time hanging in the nursing lounge: the baby could roam safely, and if anyone else came in we'd just pack up and leave. 

That's Franklin in his lap! 

The flight home was uneventful. The baby laughed and snuggled with his Franklin and the airline attendant gave him a pair of wings! She said it was for his first flight, but really it was his third flight since we dragged that baby to Dallas at six weeks for a business trip (yes, we're crazy). We took the wings anyway! And thus concluded a short, laid-back vacation in the COVID era: not what we envisioned, but still a blessed break from the daily routine. 

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  1. Aww, love the story about Franklin! He is definitely going to be a very early walker. Paul didn't walk until 16 months and it really bothered me, which is dumb since it's out of my control. But his doctor reminded me that she couldn't see him walking before 16-18 months since he had a 95th percentile head on a 4th percentile baby... I actually don't think the transition to walking was all that bad. I think the transition to crawling is a little harder because you go from being able to leave them in one place to having them end up anywhere!! But even that wasn't so bad and we are the weird parents who never put up a baby gate/did all that much baby proofing, besides attaching the tv to the tv stand w/ straps. He did have one fall down the stairs, but they are carpeted and it wasn't that bad...