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Friday, May 22, 2020

Running in Phase 1

As of last Saturday, New Orleans is in phase one of reopening (the state reopened Friday night, but New Orleans likes to be ornery). With new guidelines in place, we have some framework for our group runs.

  • We don't have to wear a face mask when exercising
  • We can run in groups with social distancing
  • Groups are limited to ten or fewer

How we're making that work: 
Plenty of room to spread out on the streetcar tracks

  • To get the group back together, we compiled lists of smaller training groups based on pace. These smaller groups each have a group captain. The captain chooses a location for the workout, and posts it on our Slack channel so each group can avoid the others. It is also the captain's responsibility to enforce city and state requirements. 
  • We're also not doing group beer anymore! It's missed, but probably not COVID-safe! 
  • Our long runs aren't separated into smaller groups because of the nature of the group - we self-separate by pace and end up in groups of 5-6 generally. There is plenty of room on the route to spread out appropriately. 
  • Our workouts are all time, not distance, based. This is because it would be very difficult to stay six feet apart on the track, so this gives us the option to take it to the roads. I miss the track, but I personally like this because I know exactly how long the workout will take! Ten 3 minute repeats with 1 minute rest is 40 minutes! 
How are you handling workouts? What restrictions have you had to work with? 


  1. Is there any hostility against runners in your area right now? (I know you mentioned a friend getting slapped some time ago).

    We're still in lockdown (most of Virginia is on one timeline, but Northern Virginia, which borders DC, is on a slower timeline). There is a TON of animosity towards runners in both social media and in person.

    1. Sorry - it didn't catch my profile

    2. Good question! Besides my friend getting slapped, I haven't seen anything else. It helps that the state and city both clearly stated that runners do not need to wear masks, and that both also encouraged outdoor exercise. And it helps that we have a lot of roomy areas for running.

  2. I'm glad you've been able to safely run with your group! So much better than running alone and it really is something that can be done safely.

    Masks aren't required here when you are out for walks/etc. They are only required in indoor public spaces. So I do not wear a mask on walks. I have read that your chance of getting/giving COVID outdoors when you have basically no sustained contact with others is very very low. So I am glad I can walk without a mask! It would be so stuffy/hot to run or walk or bike with a mask on! Although I do see people doing that.

  3. It's awesome you and your team have found creative ways to run together and stay strong during these times. Here's to some sense of "back to living"!