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Monday, April 6, 2020

March running

I think we can all agree that March was a weird running month. Initially, I thought it would be a come-back month for me; I was hoping to add in group workouts gradually (while gradually persuading David to take the baby more and more...kind of the frog-in-the-pot method of passing the baby off to him 80% of the time, haha). I also planned to race either end of March, beginning of April, or perhaps both: regardless, I would have been sort of training throughout the month (both race options were 10ks). Instead, I spent the month trying to figure out our new normal. That meant no group runs, and it meant a few skipped workouts as we tried to adjust. But overall, I got most of my runs in.

March miles: 218, including my first week over 50 miles

Key workouts: Ha! None, really, but here are a few that seemed to indicate progress:

  1. Seven x 1000m. I averaged a bit under 7-min pace on a really hot and humid day, which was good for me. 
  2. Eight miles with 1-min pickups. Sure, my average pace was still over 8 minutes for this run. But I managed to meet up with our group for Audubon Fridays, the only one I have managed so far since the baby, and the last for a while! 
  3. Three x 1600 at 10k, then 6x400 at 5k. This actually should have been 8-10 400's, but I cut it short since I felt like I was falling off pace on the 6th. But my 1600's were solid, 6:47, 6:52, and 6:52 pace. Hard to believe I ran a marathon at that pace less than a year ago! But I'm slowly coming back!

Next up: I'm not feeling confident enough to add any potential races (not that any have open registration that I know of!), but that means now is a good time to work on some weaknesses:

  1. Core. My abdominal muscles are loose and weak, and I avoided any core work for the first few months post-baby to let the muscles knit back together. We are getting closer, although there is still a small gap. Once I feel it's safe and won't cause diastasis recti, I will be back to regular core work. I also really, really need to work on my lower back. I hurt it during pregnancy, and I need to strengthen the muscles to take the work off my spine. I can feel the weakness affecting my entire posterior chain. 
  2. Turnover. My cadence is really pathetic right now, and I never run my fastest with low cadence. I need to improve it, but this is something I have always struggled with. What has helped in the past was focusing on turnover more, doing strides after easy runs, and karate. The rapid kicking in karate seemed to train my leg muscles to snap a little more. I can't take karate right now, but I am able to do some karate drills at home, and I have decided that I need to make myself do my "Monday class" just like normal. Routine is healthy for humans anyway! 
  3. Strength and power. I'm just overall weak and deconditioned. I have no excuse not to get back in shape; I have dumbbells at home and there are a plethora of resources available to guide me. I just need to actually do the workouts! I want to do some plyometrics, too, to help with muscle power. 
  4. Anemia. I had to cancel my doctor's appointment this month due to COVID19 - the appointment where we'd plan for my upcoming surgery (the one that pregnancy interrupted!). I would have gotten updated blood work, too. The last time I had an iron panel done, I was still in the hospital after delivery, and was severely anemic (like...transfusion-level). Obviously, things have improved since then, but I am probably still anemic since I am still experiencing significant blood loss. I won't know for sure until it's safe to get lab work done, though. In the meantime, I am still taking oral iron (and crossing my fingers that I don't drop dead before I ever have my surgery...not exactly great timing!). 
And as for running? I've got a few April goals for running, too. 
  1. Weekly mileage at or over 50. This has been hard to do because I have limited time in the morning thanks to feeding the baby, and I rarely get my long run up past 11. 
  2. Increase long run to 12 miles. I'll probably be doing this with the stroller, so it will take all day, but if baby will tolerate it, I want to shoot for at least 12. 
  3. Do strides once or twice a week.
Hopefully I can make some progress here, and will have made good use of my time this month! 


  1. Way to go on all the running! I am glad you've been able to log so many miles. I'm sure it's helping you stay sane. I hope the long runs with the stroller go ok. They will make long runs without the stroller feel like a breeze!!!

    I hope you can address your anemia soon. It's hard to get back to full strength until the anemia issue is sorted out!!

  2. You have some really strong goals there! I think they will be challenging, but I know you are up for it. I like that you are focusing on things like strides and strength. . . I am inspired to do the same.