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Monday, December 30, 2019

The end.

It looks like running is over for me for the foreseeable future! About two weeks before my due date, I started having really bad SI joint and lower back pain. Running doesn't help it at all, so it's on the shelf!
After the pain started, I did try one short 3 mile run/walk. It wasn't the worse pain in the world, but it just didn't seem like a good idea to me, so I decided against future runs (most annoying part of this run is that I planned to just enjoy one last excursion in the park, sort of saying "farewell for now" before many weeks off...and instead ran into an acquaintance who talked my ear off the whole time and made dire predictions about my running future postpartum).
So that's the end of running. I ran about 1550 miles pregnant, most of which were frankly miserable, and I do hope I can exercise some self-control when  I come back so I don't permanently damage my pelvic floor.
Speaking of which, I can get a referral to a pelvic floor specialist who can help me rehab and return to running with a personalized timeline, so that's the plan!

I've avoided registering for any 2020 races so far, but the bug to race is definitely there - I'm thinking the Crescent City Classic in April would be a nice comeback race. It's just 10k so I should be able to swing it!


  1. That's so many pregnant miles. I am really impressed with how much you were able to do while pregnant!

  2. Way to go on all the running you did while pregnant - especially since you were also battling injuries. Good plan to get a referral to a pelvic floor specialist. So many of my friends have seen one and it was so great for their recovery and return to running after pregnancy. I didn't end up needing that therapy as I didn't struggle with pelvic floor pain. I carried really really small, I think because I have an extra long torso! So that kind of helped, I think!