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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

My Mobile mini-getaway

When the Power Milers traveled to Mobile to run the 10k, we decided that Boston racers should stay an extra day to complete our weekly long run in a hillier area than we can get at home. Mobile isn't insanely hilly, but we mapped a route with some long inclines and some nice hills near the Spring Hill campus. Since I'd have all day Saturday in Mobile, I made it into a little weekend get-away!

Friday: I was arriving late since I left work at 5:15 or so, but I planned some quiet alone time before meeting up with the group. Instead of going to the hotel, I went to dinner first, where I had dinner and a glass of wine and read my book for an hour.

It was lovely and relaxing! I am in general a gregarious person, and definitely an extrovert, but I have no problem eating alone and reading at the bar. I actually think it's quite a luxurious way to spend an evening. Although - the bar tender asked if I was in town for the race, and when I said yes, he asked me my goal. I told him I was running with a women's team, and the goal was to win, and he...laughed. I guess I didn't look all that serious. After dinner I walked around downtown Mobile for a bit, since it was a lovely cool night. Finally I did head to the hotel, and sat with the group on the veranda for some late night beers and conversation.

Saturday: After the race, our whole team headed to the awards ceremony, but from there we met up at a pub for lunch. We were finished pretty early, and I'd already planned the rest of the day: I was going to the USS Alabama. I'd never visited this WWII warship, and this was a great opportunity. I drove over and ended up spending the entire rest of the afternoon there; I stayed outside a good bit, too, since the weather was perfect. The only bad part of this afternoon was the bizarre couple taking sexy photos all over the tanks. I mean, it was so weird. It's a solemn memorial, and here they are pole dancing with the guns. So disrespectful. I shot them the JUDGING eye and moved on.

After I completed touring the ship, I drove to the sketchiest massage parlor ever to take advantage of a $50/hr special.

The rest of the club heckled me enormously for this, but hey, I'm never one to miss a bargain. I am pretty sure I didn't contract MRSA in there, and even though it wasn't the best massage in the world, it wasn't as bad as everyone expected.

We all met back up for dinner at a Mexican restaurant, which was fun. I missed the group dinner the night before due to my late arrival, so I was glad I could fit another in. After dinner, Paige and I headed back to the room, where she worked and I read some more (and had some more wine!).

We were up bright and early for the planned long run, even though so many people had bailed that we only had a group of six. But I am SO glad I stayed. We hit a bunch of hills, and I know I needed that badly. My little 25-foot levees aren't going to cut it for Boston training! We had a good group and again, perfect weather, and our "no specific pacing" 20-miler was most enjoyable. All in all, a great time in Mobile! A trip with friends, good food, books and wine, history, a massage, running, and a PR? Perfect weekend, I'd say!


  1. I also have no problem eating alone, especially if I have a book with me. I did that all the time when I traveled for my job. I'm a total introvert, though, so I was always hoping the sales person wouldn't ask me to go to dinner with him as it was hard enough to spend like 8 hours in a car with a person!

    Oh man, that massage parlor is BAD!! I've never seen a sign like that in a massage place. Weird!! Glad the experience was ok for you! And the couple taking sexy photos by a WWII warship? What the!!! So inappropriate!

  2. That does sounds like a perfect weekend. And it's awesome you lucked out on the weather. That sign in the massage place is SO FUNNY. Wow.