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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Test run

Comeback shorts: I saved my Christmas
present from David - new Coeur Sports
shorts - for my first run back. 
Today, I am officially 8 weeks out from my foot injury, and I decided it was time for a test run. David and I enjoyed dinner with a good friend last night, who just so happened to be the head of surgery at Tulane for decades, and anatomy professor for even longer. I discussed my injury with him, and he suggested trying out a run. He was pretty confident that, after eight weeks, a bone callous would have formed.
I haven't had any pain all week, either with walking, the hop test, or when pressing on the fracture site. So I thought it was probably safe (honestly, I had been planning to wait one more week, since I read somewhere that you should wait two weeks after it doesn't hurt to press the fracture area - but I bumped it up on his recommendation).

Yay! Three miles, including walking intervals, and no pain. Now, I'm trying not to be too excited, because maybe I'll be in pain again later in the day: that has happened to me before after a comeback, and I was so disappointed. But I'm pretty hopeful that today was the first step on the road to recovery.

The cool thing was, I ran into the Power Milers headed back from their Sunday morning long runs. Ah! I'll be back to join them soon!


  1. I'm really glad your test run went well! Really smart of you to ask your friend at dinner to get a new opinion and great to wear your lucky new shorts. Hopefully no pain later today or tomorrow and you can get back to running consistently and training with the PowerMilers too.

  2. I'm so glad your test run went well and that you didn't have any pain. I hope that continues to be the case going forward! I bet it felt great to be back out there running, especially since this is a beautiful time of year to run in NOLA!

  3. Congrats! This is awesome progress!!