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Friday, November 24, 2017

Garmin woes

Ever since the Jazz Half, my Garmin had been annoyingly stuck on trying to download a damaged file. Whatever happened during that race, I never recovered any Garmin data, but every time I was in Wifi, my Garmin tried to download the file. Not only was it wasting battery, I think the corrupted file was messing with the Garmin functions. The problem was, while the file was on the watch somewhere, I couldn't see it.
Pesky file!

Finally I plugged it in and opened the activity folder on my computer and sure enough, there was the rogue file. I deleted it, and the problem is solved. For some reason I am particularly aggrieved that I could never get any data from that race, but oh well. I think I'm mostly concerned that maybe the course was short, and my PR is fake! But I went back and looked, and it's a USATF certified course, plus I saw my friend's Garmin data, so I am now assured that it was indeed a 13.1 mile course and I did indeed PR.

The Garmin story, though, doesn't have such a happy ending. Even though this fixed the file transfer error issue, my Garmin has all manner of other bugs still going on, and when the screen froze yesterday, it never came back on. So now I'm in the market for a new one.

Have any recommendations? My specific needs are simple: I need at least seven data fields, preferably eleven, available. I like to have three screens set up: one for laps/intervals/track, one for races, and one for long runs. That way I never have to switch screens mid-run. The 230 only offers 8 data fields, because one screen is reserved for heart rate data, which I don't use. I currently have the 620, and I like its ease of use, but I'd like to find one with either no touch screen or a better touch screen. Please share any suggestions!


  1. My Garmin needs a hard reset every so often, have you tried that? A full power down (on mine, that's holding the start/stop button for about 10-15 seconds), and then it reboots.

  2. Heart Rate Monitors USA has the 630 on Cyber Monday sale for only $199. Both Greg and I got it, amazing deal.