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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Fast is happening to me

Crap. I'm getting faster. And it's all at the wrong time!

Like usual, when I race and don't give it EVERYTHING, I have a really fast next workout. Saturday's race was not everything I had, even though it was a PR. So I had some speed left in my legs! That's ok if I can quickly sign up for another race, and use that peak before I plummet, but this time, my schedule just won't allow it.

So I'll just race my training, sure, why not?
This looks accurate.

So I guess this is accurate, too?!

Er. Because running a 5k PR that includes a two-miler as fast as last Saturday's race during a hill workout makes total sense. But that's what I did on a regular old Tuesday night! Ack! Disaster! Must immediately find a race!
Please keep in mind that this is 30 seconds faster than my current 5k PR. WHAT THE.

Also, I definitely questioned my Garmin on this one. But I did go back and enlarge the Garmin connect map and I think it's telling the truth. No weird tangents or cutoffs. But I do think the hills somehow help. I was FLYING on the downhill. But really. I need to find me a 5k STAT!


  1. Do it! Plus 5Ks are fairly easy to find since there are so many (especially when it cools down, or when "Fall" arrives and people assume the South has cooled down even if it hasn't). Good luck :).

  2. I hope you can find a 5k to race since you are running at top speed these days!! That must feel so good!

  3. Whoa! That's amazing. And that is flippin' fast. Something that I've noticed about getting faster and improving as a runner is that the improvements always seem to come in big heaps, not steady little increments. It's like you work and work and work and nothing seems to change until BAM- one day you have a race or workout that is faster than anything you thought possible. So happy you are seeing this!