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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Power Miler

I have been officially accepted to the Power Milers!
I ran really hard on Tuesday and all I got was this lousy T-shirt
This is very exciting news, as I have just paid my way into a group of friends. Much like a sorority, only more guys, and faster, of course.
I had to be invited to fill out an application, and then when I was, I was kind of taken aback by the extent of the information requested. The application looked like this:

Power Milers: What is your HS running history?
Me: Er. I didn't even own athletic shoes as a teenager.
Power Milers: And your collegiate records?
Me: Well, I had to run a 2 miler in some stupid required physical education class.
Power Milers: Please list your running accomplishments.
Me: How many runners can boast two hip surgeries by age 32?

Somehow they took me anyway, probably because, well, they're kind of short on girls. Anyway, so far, I'm loving it. I didn't realize how much I'd missed being at the track with a group, and even though I am by far the slowest person there (two other girls have been coming, and both are faster than me; all the guys are about twice my pace - or is it half my pace?!), it's great to have company. They're also all normal people. I didn't want to join an all-male group to be the butt of some bro-group's jokes. It's not like that. They're real, serious runners and they aren't jerks. So that's a perk. And if I'm not getting faster (truth: I've been slower), I must be getting stronger.

Do you run with a group? Do you prefer to run workouts solo, or with others? 


  1. Instant friends! Ha, no, just kidding. Sounds like a great group! I've done the dead-last thing before - for some of us it's not that novel of a feeling :) you just have to keep on trucking and one day you'll be able to keep up.

  2. Congrats!

    I train with a large group, and it can be hit or miss who is at the track that day. Most days, I have a pack to hang with. Some days, I'm the fastest person there. And some days, I'm the slowest, and getting lapped.

    I actually find it helpful practice to be lapped, as weird as that sounds. There will unfortunately be situations in races where suddenly someone blasts by you at a speed you can't possibly sustain. And that can really suck the wind out of you, and kill your own performance.

    Being lapped at the track gives me a chance to practice focusing on my own performance, rather than going down a rabbit hole of self doubt when I get dropped. And that's REALLY helpful in races.

  3. I also just noted your daily workout, and I feel compelled to note - you were previously commenting on your lack of speed, but I don't think I could match your 200s.

    1. For someone who is generally a long distance person, I can be oddly fast at the 200m! And I actually felt a lot better Tuesday. It was under 80F, which was a huge boost, and I wasn't sick like last week. It was my best workout in a while.

  4. Hooray for being accepted! I'm glad it's been a good experience for you. You are probably quite the anomaly because I would think many or most people who put up race times like your ran competitively in high school or even college?

    I do train with a group and I LOVE it. I am not disciplined enough to do the workouts that the coaches plan, like hill repeats (which I hate more than any other workout!). I love the camaraderie, too. I've made some really good friends through it, too, one of which will be coming to my wedding. We trained for the Twin Cities Marathon together so got to know each other super well! I went to her bridal shower last fall and they had a 'how well do you know the bride' quiz and I almost won even though I knew her for the least amount of time out of the group!!

  5. Congratulations! That's really exciting.

  6. Congratulations! I have always been impressed by your speed. And even more so with your patience after rehabbing from two hip surgeries.

  7. Wow, high school? That was so long ago I can't imagine it would be relevant. And I didn't race in college either. If I ever get back to not-injured, I'd like to do workouts with a group, especially if people are faster - it helps mentally and pushes you physically.