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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Powermilers St. Patrick's Day pub crawl

I am really enjoying joining the Powermilers for weekly workouts. I need someone to push me, and they're fast...and pushy. But I enjoyed this Tuesday even more: instead of a track workout, we ran an uptown pub crawl route in celebration of St. Patrick's day.
Pre-crawl. My head growing out of Red's shoulder

We started from Jimmi's beautiful house uptown, and after a starter beer, ran to bar #1: Le Bon Temps Rouler. A couple of guys got the first round, we lingered and talked, then headed off to St. Joe's. And thus it went. As we progressed back up Magazine, conversation turned from recent PRs, race plans, questions about kids, and commentary on block development to bathroom humor, lame insults, sudden silences followed by sudden sprints and ALL OUT HILARITY, and "Yo' Mama" jokes.
We wrapped up back at Jimmi's with pizza. Two people were thrown into the hot tub. One person lost their keys in the same hot tub. No one threw up. Everyone bonded. All in all? A successful crawl!


  1. That sounds like a super fun evening. :)

  2. That sounds like a super fun night! You guys really know how to have fun on a week night - color me impressed!