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Saturday, February 18, 2017

MBA update: Seven down, four to go.

Really, three and a half to go. I'm halfway through Finance already.

Starting my MBA a little off-schedule left me with four classes left, spread over four sessions. So while I had been doubling classes up, now I'm just taking one per seven-week session, and it is certainly easier! I'll finish up at the end of summer, so it won't take too long - less than a year and a half from start to finish.

Figuring out my work, school, and life schedule can be slightly complicated, but I've been able to juggle it so far. Two weeks ago, the worst scenario presented itself: a test scheduled for the day of my marathon! Now, I would have time to complete it - it didn't close until later that weekend - but there is nothing worse than a test hanging over you, especially during a marathon. And then taking it later, while all exhausted, sounded horrible. Luckily, my professor posted on Saturday that he'd be opening the test up early - that night, in fact! - so I crammed and took the test that evening.

Even though his tests are all essay/math combination scenarios, this professor is a very fast grader. When I got up for the marathon early the next morning, I had a grade - and it was a 100, which was blissful, because you know I think a 99 is an "F" and I didn't want to stress about THAT during the race, either! So I got to run my race with no thoughts of school on my mind at all.

In a few weeks, I have another math-heavy class, then just two summer classes to wrap this MBA up!


  1. Congrats on your 100 and coming so far along in your MBA! Sucks that it was scheduled for marathon day, yikes... but you got it done and it's great that you juggled all that while training, tapering and racing :).

  2. Way to go on that test! I would have hated having a test hanging over me on marathon day, too. You are cruising through this MBA program! Well done! Mine took me 2.5 years and it was so taxing as I had night classes twice a week and weekend group meetings and such. It was awful. It kind of ruined my love of school honestly. Before that I loved school and thought of myself as a lifetime student. After that I was like - never again! And then the CFA program was the final nail in the coffin so I have no ambition or desire to take on any extra studying or certifications!! :P