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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

It's quality week!

The way my silly training plan (of two marathons three weeks apart) is going, this is my quality week. I had one week of much-needed recovery (my muscles were very sore post-race, thanks to taking in almost no nutrition for a day post-race when I had a stomach bug), then I'll have one week of taper, with this week of real work thrown in the middle. 
I took it easy on Monday anyway, running 5 miles easy with a group, so I wouldn't be too tired to go to the track ten hours later. But I was still tired at the track. 
Harrell Track

I ran 6x1 mile, and I was in the 6:50's the whole time. And it didn't feel effortless, either. I can definitely tell I'm still tired! You know when you have heavy legs? I had that even during the recovery portion. With 400 jogs, warm-up, and cool down, I hit 9 miles. 

Tomorrow I'll do a slow medium distance run, like ten maybe, and then actually attempt a tempo on Thursday. After that, workouts will drop in distance and intensity until the race WHICH BETTER NOT BE A MILLION DEGREES, DO YOU HEAR ME, BOB BRECK?*

After track today, I did active isolated stretches, form drills, and myrtles. I do the drills on the turf and just stretch in a lane, since the track is usually abandoned. Then I zipped over to the grocery store around the corner from the track and grabbed my mid-week fresh groceries (mostly fruits and veggies, but also snagged a warm-from-the-oven loaf of French bread we had for breakfast!). And when I got home, I did a long hip-strengthening workout. All before 7:30 am! 

Hopefully this week will all feel ok, but of course, the big test is the tempo. I'll check back after that attempt.

*My favorite, now-retired, weatherman

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  1. Dang, you have a productive morning to have all of that done by 7:30! I hope the tired legs go away and you get your energy back!!