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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Two different artists

On Saturday, I had my friend Charlotte over to paint some itty bitty canvases. Every year, David puts some tiny canvases in my Christmas stocking - only a few inches square. But I haven't been keeping up with his generosity, so my stash of canvases was ballooning! Charlotte came for lunch, drinks, and painting to help me with that problem.

I thought it was so cool how different our finished products were. Our styles are so totally different! Charlotte does almost exclusively abstract art, with some graphics at times. I almost always choose to draw people or scenes.
Our set-up. I love how colorful our palettes are! 

Charlotte did a set of canvases to display together, plus a little quote; I used a black canvas to paint an illuminated letter for David (it's his last initial) and a small sailboat. So completely different!

The illuminated letter includes all words with R - reading, red, rabbit, rose, road, river, rainbow.

We had a ton of fun. I think our diversity can be a source of inspiration to each other!


  1. I love these tiny paintings. How do you display them? They are wonderful.

  2. Lovely! You are so crafty. I'm the sort of person Pinterest was created to torment. All I can do is cook.

  3. Very talented - if they're small enough, you could make them Christmas ornaments

  4. They're really quaint. What a fun way to spend time with a friend.