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Friday, December 18, 2015

Race taper

By dint of a super-busy holiday season, I tapered for tomorrow's half marathon.
Real tights. Real long sleeves. It's winter!
Monday was my off day - that's my normal day off.
Tuesday was track - that's normal, too, and I ran a pretty average distance of about 6 miles.
Wednesday I got up late after late-night partying with the Bible study (haha) plus had early work, so did just 5 miles and no added strength, when I usually do a mid-week "long" run and a short strength session on Wednesday.
Thursday I woke up very late after my work party Wednesday night kept us up to almost midnight. I skipped any exercise altogether.
And now here I am on Friday after a measly five miles, hardly making up for other short days, but since by now it's the day before the race, I can't exactly go run ten miles.

In brighter news, it's finally FINALLY cold here, and I wore tights and long sleeves to run! And to think that Saturday's long run was in nearly 80F weather.


  1. It's good when Christmas celebrations actually work to prepare you for an event. Good luck for your half.

  2. Busy weeks are a great thing when you have a race coming up. Less time to actually think about the race, and stress. Good luck tomorrow!

  3. Good luck with your race today! I think that a "forced" taper is not that bad of an idea really. If you are busy you can "forget" to run, whereas if you are not busy, all you can think about is wanting to go outside and run!

  4. So, I'm confused ... is 80F cold for you guys?

    1. No. Eighty was the weekend prior. Friday was like 44.