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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Wal-mart running shorts review

Since I have this secret addiction to Walmart brand coffee, I occasionally have the need for a few dollars' worth of merchandise to get me to the $50 required for free shipping (or I could go into the store, but NO. NEVER.).
This time, I threw in a pair of running shorts, on sale for $3. They are the Danskin Now Woman's Woven Running Short with Built In Liner. 

This is the color I got. 
I thought these would be awful shorts, because the material felt thick and unbreathable to me. But actually, they aren't the worst in the world. They have a mesh side panel, so they don't feel too hot, and the wide waist band stays in place. They have an itty bitty pathetic key pocket. 
But they're pretty nice for a cheap pair of shorts, and they aren't too balloon-y or too tight. 
My biggest complaint is that they're, obviously, cheaply made. They second time I wore them the key flew out as I was running, and I realized that there was a HOLE in the key pocket. It wore through with just one use. I can sew, so I firmly reinforced it, but that's really annoying and almost not even worth the time.
Other than that, they haven't fallen apart yet, so I would recommend them. As you can see, I set the bar very high on quality so you can totes trust me. 


  1. Ha, hilarious about never going into the store. One the rare occasion that I'm forced into combat with a visit to Walmart, I always feel like I need a tetanus shot afterwards!

  2. hahahaha! I went to Marshall's and Ross today to comb the racks for clearance shorts. I couldn't find anything...
    Earlier in the week I was playing credit card chicken with Sierra Trading Post. I had three pair of quality shorts in my cart, but I just couldn't part with $75.00..

    I wear shorts pretty much all year round. It has to be below 40 outside before I even think of pulling out the capris.

  3. Why bother with a key pocket if it won't fit a key in it? These day car keys are pretty big so that's the size they need to make the pockets. It's not rocket science.

  4. You couldn't pay me enough to go into a NOLA Wal-mart.

    1. So there was this one time that I got into a brawl in the candy aisle. I should tell you about that someday.

    2. Definitely want to hear that! A friend of mine, who moved here a year before me, almost got mowed down in the Wal-mart parking lot. Sounds like a fun place.