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Monday, August 24, 2015

Adventures in KT tape

With the Hood to Coast relay looming, and my left leg still on long-term disability leave (or so it seems. Cannot get the thing to come to work at all), I decided to shore up my hamstring with some KT tape.
I can't really explain my left leg. It's like it just won't work as hard as the right leg, and somehow surgery either encouraged or unmasked that tendency. On a long run, I feel fine...but when I get home, I realize that my right leg is a little more tired that the left and a whole lot tighter. I know I'm not using the left as much. But when I focus on using the left leg, I get tendon pain at the distal hamstring insertion. To allow me to start using my left leg more, I decided to tape it up. I'd never used KT tape before (except when my PT taped my scars, which supposedly helps reduce scarring post-op, but my right hip [with its caterpillar-like red welts] begs to differ). I ended up finding a great deal on Ebay - two new boxes of 20 strips each for $11 total.
I looked up how to tape on Youtube, and applied the tape before a short run. It's hard to get your own hamstring, though, and I erred too far to the side, basically taping between my hamstring and IT band. However, the base of the tape was nicely positioned behind the knee, right where I wanted it, and that's what mattered most.
The tape stayed on for a short run, a ten mile run, and another short run before peeling off in the shower.
Verdict: Tape feels good on, like it's a little supportive, and doesn't irritate me. It did make a difference on the long run, and I don't think it was placebo effect. The problem, however, is that it's not very suitable for summer use. I put some on Saturday morning before my hour and a half run, and I sweated it off in under three miles. Now, Saturday was some extreme weather, and I don't know if I've ever poured sweat like that before, but until fall rolls around, it's not worth wasting the tape.
But it will come with me to Portland. I might need it then.



    Invaluable for using tape in the summer. Also, Rocktape sticks much better than KT tape.

    1. I agree, Rocktape sticks better. Also, I agree on the spray. I complained once to KT about the lack of "stick" and they sent me a bottle. It helps a ton.

  2. I have never tried any of the tape products but it's good to know that you found them useful! I imagine the temps will be much cooler when you do hood to coast so hopefully the tape sticks!!

  3. Ahh so that's why it would never stick very long - the humidity! I just thought it had inferior adhesive and stopped using it.