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Monday, October 27, 2014

A few hours in Lima

On our last day in Peru, we flew from Cuzco to Lima.
I was still sick, but a little better. The fever was gone, but in its place I had a huge lump on my forehead! I never figured out what it was - a painless but large "egg" only it felt soft. I almost certainly brought a Peruvian parasite home with me.
We had only an afternoon in Lima, and we spent most of it walking. We stayed in Miraflores and arrived after lunch, so we walked to Punto Azure, a well-liked ceviche restaurant. It was cash only, and crowded. While we waited for a table, a waitress circled with pisco sours in tiny cups. The line moved quickly, and soon we were seated with a spanish-only menu and a spanish-only waiter. Luckily, ceviche is ceviche and we ordered two - the Punto Azul mixto picante and the classico mixto. The Punto Azul came with a spicy sauce (as the name implies). Both were delicious, and a lot stronger (more lime and more heat) that ceviche I've had in the USA (not that New Orleans is known for its ceviche!). The portions were huge, and we couldn't finish. My stomach was a lot better, and my appetite returned, but it was just too much food!

After lunch, it was already kind of late. We returned to our hotel to get sweaters, then walked down to the ocean. The beach is narrow, and made of big, smooth pebbles. As the waves crash over the water, you hear both the sound of the waves, and the sound of the rocks settling against each other. It was a beautiful sound.

There is a boardwalk in Lima, but it's up above the ocean at the top of the cliffs. We climbed up and walked along, enjoying the beauty. We passed Amor Park and saw Delfin's statue "The Kiss", kind of the emblem of Lima. We walked all the way to the Lima lighthouse before getting a little cold and hungry and turning around.

Everyone eats late in Peru, so even though it was 8:30 by the time we found a little restaurant, we were the first ones there. We enjoyed a quiet dinner of beef, onions, and tomatoes over tacu tacu (chopped mixed beans and rice, formed into a patty and cooked in a skillet - delicious, although the proprietor tried to talk me out of it, worried that the beans would upset my stomach. If he only knew. My stomach was already in revolt). I had a Pisco sour; David had beer. We sat and watched the people of Lima and enjoyed the sea breezes. It was the perfect end to our trip!


  1. Sounds like a great end to an amazing trip, other than the stomach issues, that is.

  2. I am so behind on reading blogs so will have to catch up on your Peru posts - but it sounds like it ended well (well, besides the parasite. Yikes! Hope you recovered quickly!).

  3. So was it a parasite? Did you manage to smuggle it past border security? Ughh - just the thought of a worm burrowed into my flesh makes my skin crawl.

    1. I don't know, it's still here. You can come poke about with a scalpel if you really want to.