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Monday, June 23, 2014

My track club is the best!

The New Orleans Track Club sent me a card! Aren't the they cutest track club ever?

My incisions have been steadily improving, although still draining, but the fluids are still creating a little swelling.

Once the swelling really subsides, I expect that I'll start feeling the pain from surgery as I mobilize. For now I'm still feeling excellent, with just a little awareness of aching and swelling, neither of which is bad to enough to classify as pain.

I expect that as PT progresses, I'll begin moving muscles that will put stress on the surgery site, so this week and next will reveal where there is pain. Until then, I'm enjoying lying around strapped in a cumbersome brace pain-free.


  1. Um yea you do have the coolest running club!

  2. Running clubs have the nicest, most thoughtful people.