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Monday, January 13, 2014

Who Dat :(

So, the Saints lost. As expected. It was still a disappointment, even though we all knew Seattle had our number. They're just a better team this year.
We watched the game with David's parents in Bay St. Louis, after making a detour to Gulf Shores to go outlet shopping. David, who refuses to reveal his weight loss secret, had to buy new dress shirts, since his neck size went down a half-inch. Since David ran his marathon last year, he has not been doing much running or exercise of any type, and his diet hasn't changed. But he's getting thinner and thinner. He went from not really chubby, just a little paunch, to quite lean. I can only assume he's using Sensa.
Meanwhile, I spent $14 at the Gap outlet, since clearance was an extra 30% off. Please note the amazing deal I got on a pair of black straight leg jeans (that's before the 30%!).
Original price $69.99...yes, I peeled up the tags to see. 

I also got a shirt and a dress that was $2.97 after all discounts.
Cute enough for $3.

I think they need to start paying those kids in India a little more, geez.

The playoff games took up the whole Saturday, with the exception of a very terrible run in the morning. I should have done 12 or 13, but I barely made it home with ten. It was hot and humid - 75 degrees, a 50 degree jump from Tuesday - and I was inexplicably sore. I have no idea why: Friday was a rest day so my muscles should have been fine.

I might have been a little dehydrated. I know I was Friday, since I was hung-over all day. Thursday night Varsity Sports met at Phillip's bar, and I had a glass of wine after. The bar owners augmented it with two shots, and I immediately got drunk. What the heck?! Perhaps it was because I was hungry (hadn't had dinner yet and it was 7pm), but as soon as I touched the shot I was downright dizzy. And I woke up with a booming headache the next day! Maybe I'm turning into a lightweight! So I don't know, some of that blah-feeling could have spread all the way into Saturday, worsened by the heat and humidity. All I know is, I cut that thing short at ten miles and honestly would have done even less if my route had allowed it.

How was your weekend? Did your team win?


  1. Heh, I cannot drink on an empty stomach. I have learned that lesson the hard way more than once.

  2. Great steals on the clothes!! You always find a good bargain :)

  3. My team did win! I really cut WAY back on the drinking when I started running more because now I AM a lightweight and I definitely cannot run hungover! I have had those "wish I could cut it even shorter" runs! They are not fun at all, especially when it is really hot.