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Friday, June 14, 2013

You could fry an egg on that track.

Today I'm taking a rest day since
1. I've been doing a lot for a formerly-injured, just returning runner
2. I got suckered into picking up an extra shift today, which means that I will be working from 9 am to 11 pm, and that is enough workout for me.

But last night I ran in my first "track meet". It was a resounding success except for the parts where I lost my sunglasses and did very, very poorly on everything. I was the fastest woman out there, though. Coincidentally the only woman out there (except one other girl ran the mile, and one other girl ran the 2 mile).

We started out at 7 pm running the mile, straight off no warm-up and in 96 degree heat. The track was baking. It was unreal. The sun poured down on our heads - just awful. I didn't know what I could or should do for a mile, so I planned to run right at 6 minutes, and just hit it in 5:58. This is probably not the best track mile I can do - but now that I am more familiar, I will try to beat it next time.

It was kind of odd lining up with all these fast guys and high schoolers (lots of high schoolers do their summer workouts at these free track events). I knew to stay at the back, because with the exception of a half-dozen slower kids, everyone was way faster than I.

After the mile, I skipped the 100m (that would have been funny, though), and ran the 400, 800, and 2 mile. I did better at the 400 and 800, but by the 2 mile at 8:15 pm I was starving, hot and tired. Majorly sucked at that - 13 minutes flat. I took my overheated, dehydrated, low blood sugar self home and ate an enormous amount of Vietnamese food courtesy of my husband's ordering out skills.

So - would I do it again? Yes! Now I want to beat those times. I think I will have a better idea of what to expect and how to stay warmed up between events next time. It was actually pretty low-pressure, since I knew I was going to always be last place!
In other news, I think I am going to buy the Saucony Fastwitch to replace my very worn Mizuno Mushas.


  1. Would you mind giving some details about how it was organized? Maybe a website link? I'm wanting to do one of these as a fundraiser for my XC team. THANKS!

    Oh and I don't know if I could hit a 5:58 in this weather- ouchie!


      Here is the basic info - the coach for St Martin's lead the events (announcing, etc) and it was very basic - just a table with some water and a cap gun!

  2. I'm so not easy to run in the heat. 3 miles in 85* about killed me yesterday. I need to toughen up.

    Sounds like a fun, low-key event.

  3. I think you did well, especially considering your long break for injury and the crazy heat. And I know you will keep getting faster. :)

  4. That sounds AWESOME!!! I've never ran in a "meet" like that, but I think it would be great. The closest I've been is my speed working group last summer. We did a lot of track work, and a couple of nights it was like 105 and 107 when we started the workout. You're right, the track feels like you're running on a hot plate. That 2 mile time isn't "majorly sucky". You had to be gassed by that point. All things considered, it's pretty good.

    I always love track workouts because they don't beat you up like long runs, and you can compete with yourself the next time out. Great job!

  5. you did the mile, 400, 800, and 2 mile? Are you a masochist? lol! I've only done all those maybe twice in a track meet in high school maybe, and I was completely gassed at the end haha.

    Also, you have a lot of speed, I bet you can work down to a 520, or 525 mile or something.

  6. I LOVE summer track workouts with a group. I find the track atmosphere to be extremely motivating for me.

    nice suckie workout there!

  7. I love track meets!! Really hope my leg is better in time for me to run one or two small meets around here by the end of the summer. Track meets rule. :)

  8. Sounds like you rock the track. I think you've inspired me to get on it! My feet need to meet the track:) Thanks for that!

  9. Nice job - I find the mile is pretty tricky to run - you really need to get a feel for it.