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Sunday, February 24, 2013

I didn't die and my leg didn't fall off.

Saturday night I set my alarm for 5:30 and when it rang Sunday I tested out my neck. I could sort of turn my head, so the race was on!
David dropped me off at the start and I hit the port-a-potty and squeezed into a corral in time for the (very weird, heavy-metal, disrespectful) national anthem. I was in the first corral but I got to the back because I felt like a tool dragging my injured hamstring up there with the likes of Mo Farah and Shalane Flanagan.
Lots of the Varsity Sports people were corral one, naturally, them and their fast selves. At the gun I settled in right near Mark and Rob, both running the full, but about my safe pace. I wanted to make sure I didn't fall apart and DNF since let's be honest here - the last time I ran 13 miles was early November! I can't believe it has been that long. Injury sucks.

We hovered around 7 min pace and I let the boys do the work setting the pace. I felt good, so I just ran. Boy, did I miss the race atmosphere. The crowds, the people cheering for you by name (most of whom I knew, some who read my bib), the funny signs, the police blocking traffic, the kids waiting for their mom or dad.
Because there is a turn-around, I got to see some elite action, which was a thrill, of course.

Mo Farah won in 1:01!
Flanagan 2nd female
Goucher  5th and looking a little pained!
Shortly after that I dropped Mark and Rob: they were going for a 3:05 full and I felt like today I could go a little faster - not much faster - than their pace. I missed their company, but I concentrated on not twisting my ankle on Esplanade (Dear City of New Orleans: Please resurface. Thanks).
My friend Gary took this picture of me on St Charles  Ave
I rarely run half marathons, and there is always a sense of abruptness to the finish for me. All of the sudden the half split from the full and just like that we were at 13 miles! Because I am the world's worst sprinter, I didn't pick up a thing, just suddenly was across the finish line. 1:31:15 (unofficial).
And I felt fine. Not tired, not winded, not sunburned, and thank goodness not aching in the leg. Yet. We'll see how I feel tonight.

Then I showed my awesomeness by snatching my pathetic free food (really, Competitor Group? Green bananas and generic pretzels? I've had better airplane food), dashing to the car, driving home, showering, and making it to church EARLY.

If my hamstring doesn't flare up into insane pain later (I actually brought an ice pack to church and sat on it!) I might think about my return to running. I was pretty happy with today. I won't lie, the race was not easy for me - I am out of shape. I wasn't pushing it, but I felt more tired than I should have for the pace I ran. But I'm not complaining. That's good enough for a comeback run to me!


  1. Yes! Im so glad you were able to run and with THAT time on more than one injury and barely any training.... holy moly! Great recap and here's to hoping that hamstring holds up. - Penny

  2. Wow! That is super speedy. Congrats on enjoying it all today and doing so awesome!

  3. that's on awesome time considering your training the past couple of months! Way to go girl! I hope you feel ok and can be back at it now!

  4. Yay! I love that you can just run a 1:31 with no training and not even pushing yourself. You are awesome. SO glad you had a good run and that your hammy felt good. Hope it still feels great tonight and tomorrow (and forever!)

  5. Awesome job and hope the hammy is feeling good!

  6. That's awesome Gracie!! Hoping the hamstring stats quiet!

  7. Well this is one post that makes me so happy.
    you are a running star. serious. think about this for a minute...1:31 and no training...that is crazy..I admire talented people like you..I sure hope this is the start of your return..for sure.

  8. You are nothing short of amazing! 1:31 injured and untrained? WHO DOES THAT?! AMAZING!!!

  9. Awesome! I knew you would end up running ... and running dang fast! One of the reasons I love your blog is sometimes you say things the way I would - so true about the National Anthem. Does anyone just sing it anymore? It always has to be someone's personal performance. Hope the hammie still feels good today. Great job "young lady"!

  10. That was a great run. I could only run that time in my dreams. Love the race recap, photos and all. Hope the leg is feeling good today.

  11. Uhhhhhh- what just happened here?! Isn't your PR a 1:30? You were less than a minute off your PR and you are coming off an injury and haven't even run this distance in months?! Hello!!! I second Pam's comment- WHO DOES THAT?!! And yes, it IS amazing!

    My favorite line of this post- "I could sort of turn my head, so the race was on!" LOL!!

    And now I am going to have to look up these race results to see who beat Shalane!

  12. OK, I am jealous here! I have to train so hard and even that is not a guarantee for a good race. You, on the other hand, can just pull off a 1:31 with no training! Get yourself fixed bc you my friend have huge potential!

  13. So awesome that you got to race - and, fast, I might add! Nice work. Hopefully this means you're back to being able to run & train regularly!

  14. A 1:31 half marathon after not running 13 miles since November? You are a phenomenal athlete. Hopefully you are able to keep it up without laying off running.

    And those pictures of the elites are awesome. Check out who beat Flanagan - Meseret Defar - her career is so decorated. Now I see how Flanagan can lose to someone like that. Turns out I saw her run in the first heat of the 5K at the olympics, she got 2nd in that heat.

  15. I can't even believe how fast you ran. Truly amazing!! I'm also insanely jealous that you saw those elite athletes.

  16. I'm so glad you ran!!! And that finish time?!?! Amazing even if you had been training, which you hadn't been, so I am speechless! Get better and get training - you've got some speedy races to run my friend!!:) Yay!!!
    ps- I was also results stalking because a woman my coach also coaches ran the half and placed 7th female - all of those times are amazing. I was wondering what the weather was like??

    1. There were some really fast times in the half - full, not so much. In fact I think it might have been slower than last year? I'd have to check. The weather was great - a little on the windy side, but that barely affected the half (the full has a large portion on the lake that gets a lot of wind). The race was 60's throughout; I think the high was 72 yesterday.
      And hey, 7th female? Gracious. Kara Goucher was 5th!!!

  17. Wow!! Congrats on a great race, especially since you describe your training as not optimal. Amazing!!