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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Oops, I did it again...

My easy 7 miles on Saturday led to a re-torn hamstring! Now that is frustrating! I felt so much better than before that I must have pushed too hard.

Now I'm looking at even longer rehab. Me and Lindsey Lohan.

As I tried to come to grips with this annoying re-injury, I decided that I needed a more structured plan than the chiropractor's simple, "Run when it feels better, stop running if it hurts". The truth is that I will always have a problem with this advice because I have a very high pain threshold. Or rather, I'm just good at ignoring pain. Some people are just less sensitive! Combine that with the masking effect of endorphins during exercise, and I'm just a recipe for trouble.
On my file cabinet, right over my Mcmillan 3:05 marathon paces. Grrr. 

So I set out some rules for rehab, which take me hopefully all the way until next January.

Item number one: No running for all of January. Not one single step. I think I can make it. Three more weeks won't kill me at this point.

The plan takes me through a return to running - maybe - but very slowly, not even committing to building a base until July! And it focuses heavily on strength, flexibility, and ways to stay in shape in the meantime.

Meanwhile, I got the flu. That's what happens when you see sick people all day. Chamomile with honey and lemon for me.


  1. GRACIE!!! Ugh and ugh. I am so sorry for all of it - torn hamstring AND the flu? You should be whining way more. BIG HUGS my friend. I wish I could come over with a fun movie and some yummy food and cheer you up. Hang in there (and LOVE the plan. I am a planner too. Great minds think alike) :)

  2. This is so frustrating. I had the same thing happen in the summer, I though I was heeled and ran hard, and then boom, had to take more tim off. Grr! But I like your plan, and how you are giving yourself plenty of time to get back in shape. Having a plan helps a ton! Now boo on the flu!

  3. Torn hamstring - yikes. Hurts me just to read that. Pulled mine badly a couple years back and I whined about that for weeks. I think your plan looks good - especially the no-running-in-January approach. Sometimes you just have to shut down the machine. Good luck with the healing!

  4. Uggggggh! I feel your pain here Gracie! Looks like you have a good plan...way to keep moving forward and keeping it in perspective. Hope you get well soon and heal quickly. I'm feeing some pain in my hamstring right now and something just isn't right...going to the gym tonight for cross training...even the thought of In#$y again is awful. Too much of that these past 2 years. Big hug from Oregon

  5. I WANT THAT MUG!!!!!

    gah a TORN hamstring?!

    (I'm getting over a hamstring insertion site/hip issue.........)

  6. The flu? Re-torn hamstring? No running in January? What is going on over there? I'm so sorry you've been dealing with all these issues. Hang in there and stick to the plan. January will be over soon and February will surely bring good health all around!

  7. Big bummer! What is with all of the hamstring injuries lately? It seems that they are as contagious as the flu. It looks like you have formulated a smart plan for the next month.

    As a fellow pharmacist, I hear you on the flu catching. Literally, I was compounding Tamiflu suspension on Monday and somebody had the nerve to complain the wait for a script was 15 minutes. Uh- excuse me- see those deathly looking kids waiting over there? We need to get them out of here stat!! Use some common sense, folks.

  8. Oh my goodness. How frustrating! :(

    Your plan sounds like a good one. Good luck, Gracie...I hope the flu is gone quickly.

  9. SO SO SO frustrating. I think your plan is the best idea! Rest. Heal. Get healthy and work back up! Hopefully some aqua jogging or swimming will be ok for it if you want to get in some cardio/exercise!

  10. Wait, you are in rehab with Lindsey Lohan? Tell her Jamoosh says, "hey!" She'll know...

  11. How is the NO RUNNING going for you? Injuries are such a pain; no pun intended!

    I always have an interesting conversation with myself when I start to feel pain. It goes a little something like: "is that pain? or is that just soreness? it doesn't really HURT, but it feels kind of weird. Hmm. Should I stop? Nah. It's fine." And I end up injured and not running for 6 weeks.

    Hoping you're staying sane through this run-free month.

  12. i sort of feel your pain. my glute pain is continuing and i'm doing every gluteal PT-ish exercise, rolling, icing, heat pading, stretching, massage, i can find. i am avoiding a doctor b/c they're just gonna tell me to rest and ice right? (my optimistic opinion of doctors and sports injuries...)

    anyway, curious if i should try an ART or graston person. i've just had a deep tissue/myofascial massage. which hurt like hades (felt amazing).