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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Date night!

Last night the hubby and I went on a date. We went to Coquette, one of my favorite places, and I enjoyed every bite even though I have a raging sore throat (I only get sick when I travel - I just got back from a quick turn-around two day business trip). We tried a cocktail featuring jalapeno tequila - it was amazing! It had just enough heat to make you sip it. Instead of slamming it, like we usually do. Just kidding.
We cannot take a serious picture.
I wore a new dress I got at Neiman Marcus "Last Call" - basically their clearance site. The dress was literally a 5th of the original price. I love the color and interesting collar, but I wish it was a tiny bit more fitted (it's rather boxy) and about 6" longer. I think the style is appropriate for work, but the length isn't.
I love having these date nights. We make it a point to catch up on each others' lives and careers - it's funny how work can be such a big part of your life, yet you don't necessarily share your ups and downs with loved ones. I guess part of it is that neither of us likes to take our work home (metaphorically speaking; if I actually took my work home I think that's called felony drug distribution). Lately I've been pursuing some important contracts for my company, and David's been closing some pretty big files, so we actually had interesting and intense stories to share!
And of course on date night I order big. No counting dollars or calories. It's just a night to relax and laugh together.
Do you do date night with your significant other? What's your favorite kind of date? And what awesome cocktail have you tried lately?


  1. What a fun date night--you look gorgeous in that dress! I love date nights, but since we moved it's pretty hard to find nice restaurants nearby. Still looking!

  2. Sounds like a great date night, love that dress!! We usually order in or make fun food and then get wine one night a week and watch movies or TV. I like when we cook together and have a couple glasses of red wine while listening to music and just visiting and laughing. We are usually much more relaxed at home than out at a restaurant!

  3. I love the picture of you too. The whole outfit is fab, head to toe! I don't have an eye for choosing outfits like this for myself.

  4. That is a beautiful dress - you look wonderful & I love the color.

    Date nights are fairly rare at our house, but when we do go out, we go to a close restaurant & share a bottle of wine & just catch up. One of the more challenging parts of having kids (for me, anyway), is that one on one attention/conversation with each other is hard to come by. I love just talking to each other without a small person interrupting & asking for more milk, or help with something, or asking if we want to play Hungry Hippo. ;-)

  5. Great pic Gracie. You look very pretty and your husband is hunk. You should print that pic. Don't let your pictures grow up to be .jpegs.

  6. You look so gorgeous and I think this pic is fabulous!!! Sounds like a wonderful evening!!! Hope you are feeling better!!!

  7. Oh yes we do date nights! Couldn't live without them and even more now that we have a kid. This past Saturday we went to a quaint little town for dinner, then walked around in little shops and ended the night with a little local ghost tour and history tour. SUPER FUN! Love me some date night. No suggestions on the cocktails...we aren't drinkers :-(