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Thursday, December 23, 2010

How many shopping days until Christmas?

I had a really good idea for my husband's Christmas gift...until he asked me for it for Christmas. Now it's not even a surprise. I'm miffed - usually I get him good presents, especially his stocking (I have a stocking-stuffing talent), but this year I just didn't do as well selecting gifts.
I can't go into detail because he MIGHT read this blog, but probably not since I keep it semi-secret, just in case I ever have to make fun of him. But anyway, he's basically getting a few boring presents like socks and underwear.

I'm probably getting a lot of things with receipts attached; last year I had to return ALL of my gifts. Poor David! That was his worst Christmas shopping year.
The year after Katrina was his best. I had to work at the hospital that year, so we spent Christmas Eve together instead. It had been a rough year emotionally and financially (I was in school; Katrina sapped his finances while he didn't have a job and was traveling). I assumed our second Christmas together would be "small", so he completely surprised me with diamond studs.
What Christmas gifts stand out as "best" - and "worst" too, of course! - in your memory?


  1. Oh bummer that last year was such a tough shopping year for your husband... and he had to return your birthday gift this year too, didn't he? Hopefully he has better luck this year!!

    I don't really have a 'best' Christmas gift. I think the worst was a rice cooker from a boyfriend. It was our first christmas together and I was hoping he'd put a bit more thought into... But he bought that at the last minute... It has been a useful gift, just not super thoughtful, you know?

  2. I always try to buy my own gift to spare my wife undue worries, so generally all my presents are excellent. Maybe suggest it to David? You could buy it today!

  3. Dude, that's no fun. The idea is that I come up with a brilliant, adored gift all by myself. As in "I know you so well, honey bunch".

  4. Haha Benjy and I generally don't hint- but this year we both hinted for one of our presents. I found these broadcloth pajamas from Brooks Brothers (he has the men's version and they are so soft and last forever) marked down like 80% so I sent him the link and was like "in case you were looking for ideas..." And he wanted some cool glasses he saw on wine enthusiast and hinted for. I said "maybe" and got them when I didn't have any better ideas, but had to tell him I bought them b/c he commented "If you didn't buy me those, I'm gonna go ahead and buy them myself." So I fessed up so he wouldn't buy them. Something similar has happened in years past with him and a pair of aviator sunglasses.
    In general, I never have to hint and am never disappointed b/c Benjy is an awesome gift giver. However, it puts a lot of pressure on me to be an awesome gift giver as well.

  5. Eric always gets me great gifts and things I want for Christmas. Last year we just did fun stocking stuffers but the year before he got me the Ugg boots I'd been eyeing up.

    Three Christmases ago was his best gift yet though. We had exchanged gifts and he'd gotten me a couple DVD's and that was it and I was kind of disappointed. Then he pulled out this little jewelry box and I kind of freaked out (we were only 19 and 21 - TOO YOUNG!) and then it turned out they were a pair of GORGEOUS diamond earrings. Omg I love those earrings, such a beautiful present that took me completely by surprise. I have actually worn them in every single race that I've ever ran - they are my little good luck charms :)

  6. Ugh, that totally sucks that he named the surprise gift you bought him. I surprised the manfriend with a digital camera and that was fun to give him. My best gift to date... i remember being sooo excited when my parents got me a JVC boom box w/ cd and tape player. I still have that thing and use it occasionally.

  7. I hope that y'all have an absolutely wonderful Christmas!!! My best Christmas gift ever was actually this year, I've been given a trip to Vegas in January and I can't wait!!!

  8. I think Guys like boring practical gifts. I know taht I do. One of the best gifts ever was a lettuce wasther from my daughter. Seriously.